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White Lake began with Cynthia frantic and alone. Susan Amond Todd dropped the reader right in the middle of the story, questions piling up as Cynthia’s swirling emotions leaked off the page. The story took the reader back in time a year to just before Cynthia’s life started to change. Todd’s novel dealt with how one woman faced and dealt with the change that life threw at her.

Todd handled the emotions, especially the emotional upheaval, felt by the characters deftly. The best part of the novel, in my mind, was the second half, as Cynthia began to move through the process of grief. This is where I really give Todd credit, she didn’t give Cynthia a shortcut on her grief, no easy way out, or fast forward.

Jack Magnus

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White Lake is a contemporary women's fiction novel written by Susan Amond Todd.

Cynthia Lewis's life had been poised on the brink of new and exciting changes. Todd's fifty-something heroine seems almost cookie-cutter perfect. Her life seems almost too perfect, as though she were playing a role being a wife, daughter, mom and homemaker as well as a full-time nurse.

I was pleased to find her post-trauma evolution to be a fascinating and inspiring process as she stops her well-intentioned friends and family from taking charge and determines what she wants to do with her life. And you get the feeling, by the end of the tale, that she will do just that.

This is a well-written and engrossing story with finely drawn characters and a plot that moves nicely. White Lake is highly recommended.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer

Midwest Review

White Lake is a revealing story that holds many twists and turns: death, confrontation, rebirth, renewal and revelations. Susan Amond Todd's ability to portray Cynthia's growth and process of adaptation embraces the aftermath of tragedy and life-altering circumstances without a tone of melodrama, while her ability to detail the slow progression of how love builds also foregoes overdone emotion in favor of a more studied analysis of the anchors between past and present experience and how people change and learn how to love in new ways.
Matters of the heart are seldom predictable, but they are usually educational. White Lake successfully pinpoints moments which are pivot points in individual lives, and makes for an engrossing read especially recommended for women who enjoy the process of seeing their characters grow and change in unpredictable ways.

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