White Lake - Released November 2016

Cynthia Lewis was living a predictable life in suburbia. Big house, daughter in college, son in his last year of high school, career as a nurse at the local hospital, and a successful husband. Life was good. She and her husband Philip were so close ... she knew him so well ... or did she?

After many years of marriage, Cynthia is encountering a doubt all women may have considered unthinkable. Unexpectedly, she is forced down a path to confront that doubt and more, as a secret is exposed and her world unravels in a way she never imagined. This was not the life she dreamed of or planned.

Cynthia's new life evolves into a mundane safe existence until the good intention of her best friend Purvell stirs things up. In a panic, she runs away to the only place she could go, a destination removed from interference, where she searches for the answers to move on.

Return Home - Released October 2018

After a family tragedy, Cynthia Lewis finds herself on an extended stay in England, with no indication of when she might be able to return to her home on St. Simons Island. How can she leave when she knows her brother’s family needs her? To Cynthia, needing to be in England is a sign―her budding relationship with Daniel Benton isn’t meant to be. After all, her heart is still recovering after the loss of her husband, Philip.

When she finally returns home, Cynthia expects to fall into her same old life―but when you’re out of touch, people and places change. Her family, her best friend Purvell, her friends on the island, and even Daniel have changed––but she hasn’t. Why can’t she move forward? And why does she keep running away? Once again, tragedy lurks at her doorstep when someone from her past returns to darken her world. Suddenly, Cynthia is forced to face her fears––and her future––head on.

Return Home is a heartwarming story of family, friendships, home, and second chances that you won’t want to end.

Life's Fortune-Due to be released early summer 2020

Susan Amond Todd